Hydraulic Brake & Clutch Component Suppliers

Cape Parts Distributors started out as a general Motor Vehicle Spares Distributor in the Cape and gradually we have specialized in hydraulics, both in kit form and complete cylinders.

Cape Parts Distributors is a family owned business which was established in 1985 by Tebbutt Whitehead, and is now managed by daughter and son team, Gillian and Andrew. (Under an ever watchful but trusting eye of the affectionately known “Old Man”)

Cape Parts Distributors is proud to be associated with all its customers, and amoung them are the country’s leading distributors and retailers, namely Parts Incorporated Africa (Midas) and Autozone. Cape Parts Distributors has had numerous nominations for the supplier of the year, in its category, by PIA and were proud winners in 2011.

As specialists in the Hydraulic Brake and Clutch Components, Cape Parts Distributors has ensured a high standard of quality and as a key supplier to the automotive trade offering high quality of our products and manufacturing processes. We are proud to be an exclusive distributor to many top quality Hydraulic Clutch and Brake Component manufacturers.

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